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Summit Review | BeSure made a strong assist for the "China Takeaway Packaging Brand Conference"!

Summit Review | BeSure made a strong assist for the "China Takeaway Packaging Brand Conference"!

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Summit Review | BeSure made a strong assist for the "China Takeaway Packaging Brand Conference"!

[Descrição sumária]


2022 China Takeaway Packaging Brand Conference and China Takeaway Industry "Golden Gui Award" Award Ceremony was held on March 3-5, 2022 by "Culture+Life+Art" in conjunction with industry associations, brand catering and other industry leaders and elites.It was grandly held in Minhang, Shanghai.

Food delivery is a product of this era, and it conforms to the needs of people in this era. Consumers' requirements for food delivery are not just satiety, but the pursuit of beauty, health, quality and environmental protection.This forum focused on the data visualization of the future catering industry chain, and the exploration of the ecological development of takeaway packaging such as safe food and safe packaging.The organizer of the forum specially invited 100+ founders and procurement professionals of domestic and foreign brands to discuss the hot topics of take-out packaging, which will help the epoch-making development of Chinese take-out and packaging.

Forum scene

The speaker:Manager Tang of BeSure Technology

BeSuer Technology attended the conference as a speech representative, and made a wonderful speech on the theme of "Epoch-making Development and Exploration of Takeaway Packaging".

Combining the background of the era of plastic ban and the development trend of the take-out packaging industry, BeSuer analyzed the favorable situation of the extension of take-out packaging to pulp molding, and expounded the epoch-making environmental protection alternative direction of packaging. Let the packaging have warmth and social feelings while taking into account the usability. While enjoying social development, it also makes a contribution to the social environment and protects our home together.BeSuer speakers also discussed the new opportunities of pulp molding take-out packaging with the representatives on site.It gave the participants a deeper and more systematic understanding of the development of the pulp molding industry, and set a new direction for the extension of takeaway packaging to pulp molding.

The speaker

During the forum, many special guests expressed their opinions on the theme of "Safety of Takeaway Packaging", and fully expressed their understanding of the "evolutionary history" of takeaway packaging, as well as their concerns and expectations of takeaway packaging.They also have a vision for the future of the takeaway industry and eco-friendly packaging

booth scene

Awards scene

With the extensive implementation of the sustainable development strategy and the global policy of restricting and banning plastics, take-out packaging is the key to the implementation of the policy of restricting and banning plastics. Substituting paper for plastics has become an inevitable global trend.Pulp molded products are bound to become a new type of green material respected by society due to their good performance, especially their excellent environmental protection properties.

As a leading brand in the pulp molding industry, BeSuer takes "paper" as a green life as its brand vision, and adheres to ecological priority and sustainable development. For more than 20 years, it has been focusing on the R&D and manufacturing of pulp molding equipment, professionally providing one-stop solutions for pulp molding projects, and helping the epoch-making development of takeaway packaging under environmental protection policies.

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